By Tony Rose

GET FIT! LAKE CHELAN is a community partnership between founder Ben Higgins and Lake Chelan Community Hospital, with many additional partners committed to making a healthier Lake Chelan Valley.

GET FIT! Lake Chelan Fall 2012 will focus on nutrition. Winners will be determined by weight loss on a percentage basis only Prizes will be awarded throughout the event and at the final awards ceremony. Local area restaurants will provide items on their menu’s that will key on nutrition and low calories. These “Healthy Options” will give not only Get Fit Lake Chelan participants, but everyone to enjoy a healthy dining ecperience in Lake Chelan. A list of all of the participating restaurants can be found here.

Cash Prizes Donated By The Chelan Home Center, Lake Chelan Clinic, and Columbia Valley Community Health will be as follows:

  •             1st place man – $300
  •             1st place woman – $300
  •             2nd place man – $100
  •             2nd place woman – $100
  •             3rd place man – $50
  •             3rd place woman – $50
T-Shirts are being provided by Ben Higgins and Chelan Realty, along with the Lake Chelan Community Hospital providing the infrastucture to make this program run

We will also be giving out memberships donated by Heartfelt Fitness, Lake Chelan Fitness, Wal-Mart, The Cullinary Apple, and Manson’s new True Fitness Gym.

TRUE FITNESS,  Lake Chelan’s Premier Fitness Gym just opened in Manson at 300 N. Quetilquasoon Rd.

Phone: 1 (425) 273-5762

GET FITTERS! also qualify for a free small group (4-6 people) personal training session with trainer Ty McAllister, who has 15 years experience. Gather your GET FIT! friends and schedule your one-hour session today.

The Culinary Apple, Chelan’s Kitchen Store will be giving out $10 gift certificates during the event as well. There will be some type of healthy giveaway  at each event through the Fall Session.

Wal Mart will be donating prizes for our raffles. A big thank you to Aaron and everyone at Wal Mart!

Special Offers for GET FITTERS!


GET FITTERS! can attend up to 4 free Zumba classes free. Participants may choose ANY Zumba class offered, including Zumba Fitness , Zumba Gold and/or Zumba Toning. The Zumba class schedule is always posted on, and is subject to change (and likely to change) at the beginning of each month.
Zumba Fitness (regular Zumba or Zumba basic) – this is a high intensity dance fitness class, and the dance steps are NOT broken down, so this is appropriate for someone already in decent aerobic shape who may have done some type of dance, dance fitness or aerobics in the past.
Zumba Gold – this is an EASY, low intensity dance fitness class, and the dance steps ARE broken down and are easy to follow. This class is appropriate for seniors, people who are coming back from an injury or for people who are unfit due to lack of exercise.
Zumba Toning – this is a high intensity fitness class that focuses a little less on the dance, and a little more on toning. This class is suited to someone already in decent aerobic shape who would like to tone and firm all over. We use light weight toning sticks or hand weights (1 to 2.5 pounds) to add resistance. Every toning move is broken down and relatively easy to follow. The focus here is muscle endurance and toning, rather than “bulking up.”

Aah Spa

Upon entering Aah Spa, you’ll find a personal haven for rest and relaxation with our luxurious natural and organic treatments that pamper and soothe. Our peaceful and serene settings are reflected in our splendid offerings derived from botanical extracts, nourishing vitamins and natural ingredients. Now you can try out natural health by having your first organic massage, facial or body treatment for only $45 (good for first treatment). Visit for services. Aah Spa also takes insurance for massage. Call 509-888-4949 or visit

Heartfelt Fitness

A Women’s gym that cares about you and your health. We offer fitness and yoga classes in a clean, friendly facility, with personal training available. Our hydraulic resistance machines are user friendly for all ages. At Heartfelt Fitness, we are here to teach and assist you with use of the machines, insuring safety and best results from your workout. It is never too late to improve your health. Four free classes of your choice, PLUS two free workouts on Saturdays during business hours between 8 AM and noon. You can find the class schedule on Heartfelt Fitness’ Facebook page or call 682-8411.

You will be able to find all of the events in the event calendar that is posted in several places on this website.

All of the Cooking Classes are also listed in the calendar of events, on this website,

A huge THANK YOU to the Chelan Senior Center, And The North Shore Bible Church for letting use their facilities for most of the cooking claasses.