The GET FIT awards ceremony will be Tuesday, June 5 at 6 PM in the hospital board room. Cash prizes to men and women winners in both Team 100 and Express, as well as to the winner of the team competition. And don’t forget, if you lost 5% of your weight or body fat (as either an individual or a team) you will receive a sports bag that evening. Have you discovered a healthy recipe you enjoy? We invite you to bring it to the ceremony to share with others.


Next week is the final week of screenings before the awards ceremony. If you haven’t scheduled your screening, please call 682-3300 to do so.


We have several teams where only part of the members have come in for their screenings. If you were on a team and perhaps feel you didn’t make as much progress as you wanted, still come in for the exit screening. It’s a combination score, so you may still win that team prize.

We look forward to seeing everyone on June 5th at 6 PM.

We will be also announcing the dates of the Fall Get Fit Program as well.