Get Fit For Fall 2013Fall Get Fit Lake Chelan Challenge Starts in September.

Get fit Lake Chelan Fall Session Begins September 16 and will run until November 20, 2013.

Weigh in will be at Valley Fitness September 16 – 21.

There will be a $25.00 Sign up fee which is REFUNDABLE at the end of the session as long as the participant has participated in some of the Fall Challenge program events. Watch for more events to be added in the coming days!

Events Calendar For Fall 2013 Challenge.

Sept. 23:  6:30 PM. Ben Higgins. Senior Center. Opening Session. Introduction to what will be going on in the Fall Session.

Sept. 30: 6:30 PM.  Meg Raines . Red Apple Market Chelan
Nutrition Education, shopping for the right foods

Oct 2: 6:30 PM Jay Witherbee. Senior Center.
Cooking Class For a Healthy Lifestyle.

Oct 9: 6:30 PM Senior Center.
Cooking Class

Oct 16: 6:30 Senior Center. Tony Rose.
Cooking Class. Healthy Dishes For A Fast Paced Lifestyle.

Oct 30: 6:30 Fromaggio Bistro, Manson. Timi Starkweather.
Cooking Class for Healthy Lifestyle.

Nov. 14 – 16: Valley Fitness Weigh Out.

Nov. 20: 7:00 Senior Center. Ben Higgins.
Ending Session  for Fall . Winners announced, prizes, snacks.

Challenge Rules.

1. Must Be 18 years of age to participate.

2. $25.00  Sign Up Fee. This is REFUNDED at end of session if participant attends two or more events.

3. Previous winners of Get Fit Lake Chelan must start at the ending prize winning weight from the last Challenge.