Over 50 Get Fitters Attend Awards Ceremony.

Over 190 people participated in the Get Fit Lake Chelan Challenge this Spring, and over 50 of them were at the awards ceremony held at the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Tuesday night.

Brad Hankins

Brad Hankins

$1.500.00 in award prize momey donated by Chelan Fresh and Chelan Fruit was handed out Tuesday night. It started with LCCH Chief Operations Officer Brad Hankins giving us a brief introduction to the participation levels and how the challenge was accepted. Brad stated that “This was the best participation program by the community that the hospital has seen”. Huge improvements were made in the health and well being of all of the Get Fitters who came back for their final screenings after the three month “Get Fit” challenge. What we ended up with was a healthier Lake Chelan community.

Ben Higgins, the founder of “Get Fit Lake Chelan” shared with everyone the history of how his own personal health challenge gave him the inspiration to start Get Fit Lake Chelan.
Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins’ fitness journey began eight years ago with a serious medi­cal scare. His cardiologist told the Chelan businessman that he was lucky to be alive and that he could either change his lifestyle or die. “I was a very bad example at the time,” said Higgins. “I ate way too much, and I ate food that was bad for me.”

Higgins took his doctor’s advice to heart. He started walking. The first day he made it around one downtown Chelan block. The next time he tackled two blocks. Before long he was walking three to four miles a day three times a week, which crept to five days, and now Higgins walks every day. “I haven’t missed a day in over seven years,” he said.

When Higgins went back to his cardiologist a year after his medical scare, the doctor didn’t recognize him; he had lost so much weight! Higgins felt better too. “I enjoy life more,” he said, “and I can do things I couldn’t do before. Being more fit made life better for both me and my family.”

After enjoying his improved health and energy for a few years, Higgins decided he needed a little extra motivation. He also wanted to help others get healthier. “I’d seen the show the Biggest Loser,” he said, “and I thought it would be fun to start something like that here, but with no one getting thrown out.”

Higgins bought T-shirts, put up prize money and paid for participants’ first month gym membership at Lake Chelan Fitness. The program was a suc­cess. Participants lose weight, and the motivation helped Higgins stay fit. When he went out, people asked him how far he had walked or what he had eaten that day. He got on the radio every Monday morning and reported his weight. “Good, bad or ugly,” he said. “And it made me more accountable.” The rest is history! You can read the complete “Then and Now Story Here”

So here are the winners, along with photos for each category.

Gary Miller

Ben Presents Check To Gary Miller

Team 100 Male

First Place and $300.00 Check: Gary Miller
Second Place: Alaric Pratt
Third Place: Hans Mulders

Team 100 Women

First Place and $300.00 check: Beth Bettis
Second Place: Julie Webster
Third Place: Rosa Cruz

Rocky Libby

Ben Presents Check To Rocky Libby

Team Express Male

First Place and $300.00 check: Rocky Libby
Second Place: Jay Witherbee
Third Place: Steve Palmbush

Team Express Women

First Place and $300.00 check: Christy Libby
Second Place: Shannon Ellner
Third Place: Nellie Solari

Team Winners: Laura Folsom, Annette Lenz, Ruth Edna Keys, Ruth Crowe

Team Winners

First Place Team and $300.00 check: Laura Folsom, Annette Lenz, Ruth Edna Keys, Ruth Crowe

Second Place Team: Kevin Morgan, Cera Van Wechel, Ken Moore, Bob Bradley

Third Place: Michelle Boyd, Linda Martinson, Kathy Stevenson, Sue Lesmeister


Congratulations to the 49 participants that lost at least 5% of their body weight or fat. or attended at least 12 Get Fit Lake Chelan Classes.

Cassandra Berry
Beth Bettis
Bob Bradley
Michelle Boyd
Terry Boyd
Ruth Crowe
Rosa Cruz
Shannon Ellner
Laura Folsom
Tiffany Gering
Jenni Hernandez
Maureen Henry
Ben Higgins
JoAnne Higgins
Cathy Jones
Ruth Edna Keys
Candace Krischano
Janice LaHaye
Brett LaMar
Annette Lenz
Sue Lesmeister
Christy Libby
Rocky Libby
Kristie McLaren
Linda Martinson
Paul Mayer
Gary Miller
Sandy Miller
Kevin Morgan
Ken Moore
Andrea Mulders
Hans Mulders
Heather Myers
Wanda Nutley
Steve Palmbush
Alaric Pratt
Nellie Solari
Julie Straub
Pam Sweeney
Linda Sydloski
Julie Webster
Cera Van Wechel
Steve Simmons
Kathy Stevenson
Candi West
Jay Witherbee
Chris Willoughby
Robert Castrodale
Beatriz Mendoza Negrete