Get Fit Lake Chelan Website Will Interact With Google Plus.

Get Fit With Google PlusGreat News!! The Official Get Fit Lake Chelan website will also be keeping an active account of what’s happening  on the Google Plus Social Platform.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the Google Plus social network, it may be well worth your time to check it out! As everyone knows, Google is the world’s largest information portal in the world, and is fast becoming the place to be for social networking.  Google plus brings you much more control over your account and settings.

So, what is Google plus and how does it work? Google+ is partly a social network, where people who are connected can share things they find interesting or informative with their connections or groups, which in Google+ are referred to as “Circles”. It also has photo storage and sharing capabilities, along with chat and “hangouts”, which is a simple video conferencing feature. As a social networking product, it has very good features and as the community has built up, it has become a place where people mostly interact with others they have connected with on a professional or technical level, as well as friends and family, as one might connect with on other social networks. However, the social networking portion of Google+ is definitely not the most important aspect of the social network. The importance of Google+ can be seen in its integration with Google Search, Google Places, Google Local and other Google properties.

Google Plus Explained

Simply put, Google Plus is Google’s official social network. Much like Facebook, you can create a personal profile, connect with others who create a Google Plus profile, share multimedia links and engage with other users.

When Google Plus originally launched in late June 2011, people could only join by obtaining an invite by email. Google has since opened the social network to the public, so anyone can join for free.

Signing Up for a Google Plus Account

To sign up, all you have to do is visit and type in some basic information about yourself. After clicking “Join” Google Plus will suggest some from friends who are already on Google Plus to add to your network, or your “circles.”

What Are Circles On Google Plus?

Circles are one of the main elements of Google Plus. You can create as many circles as you want and organize them with labels. For example, you may have a circle for friends, another for family and another for colleagues.

When you come across new profiles on Google Plus, you can drag and drop them using your mouse into any circle of your choice.

Building Your Profile

On the top navigation of your page, there should be an icon marked “Profile,” which should appear once you roll your mouse over it. From there, you can start building your Google Plus profile.

From here it is pretty easy. With millions of members signing up during the invitation only phase, it has since been growing faster than any social networking site.

Go ahead, check it out, and join Get Fit Lake Chelan on Google+.