Get Fit lake Chelan 2013 Spring Session Begins February 27.

Get Fit Lake Chelan

Get Fit Lake Chelan

Weigh in for the Session will be at the Lake Chelan Community Hospital.

February 27 from 7 AM to 9 AM In the Bragg Room.

February 28 from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Special activities and programs are already in the making for a great kick off for your health and well being in 2013. The Spring session will give everyone in the Lake Chelan area the ability and chance to learn how to manage their health, weight, and provide support for all that need it.

The goal is to help everybody learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the Year. many community organizations and businesses will again be participating in the Get Fit Lake Chelan Program. Registration for the Get Fit Lake Chelan Fitness is now open. Just go here to fill out a simple generic contact form that will get you started. Sign up today as the Spring Get Fit Lake Chelan Session begins on February 27, 2013.